Programme 2017

Programme 2017



1 april

08:45-09:30   Welcome Reception. Registrations
09:30-09:40   Opening ceremony, Dr. István Széchenyi, president, „Tisztán” National Acupuncture Association
    performance of Tibor Éliás opera singer
09:40-11:00   1st session
    Chairmen: Dr. Frank Bahr – Dr. Széchenyi István
09:40-10:10   István Dr. Széchenyi
    Comparative examination of the effects of auricular acupuncture and various energy methods on the meridians (applied kinesiology, Qigong, Tibetan 5 yoga, prana nadi…etc.)
10:10-10:40   Prof Dr. Frank Bahr (Germany)
    The new international nomenclature for earpoints: the development of the 2D coordinate ear
10:40-11:10    Prof Dr. Hegyi Gabriella
    Auriculotherapy in complex management of oncological diseases
11:10-11:40   Coffee Break
11:40-13:00   2nd session
    Chairmen: Dr. Ildikó Zarándi – Dr. Varju Márta
11:40-12:00    Bors Éva
    The 5 Tibetan yoga practices, the connective tissue „Fayo” yoga and a special meditation technique - in light of meridian diagnostics.
12:00-12:30    Dr. Sándor Rideg
    Meridian diagnosis of stress procedures
12:30-13:00    Dr. László Szabó PhD
    Detection and investigation of the effect of Prananadi personal development and  body harmonization technique with MeriDiM device
13:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   3rd session.
    Chairmen: Dr. Rideg Sándor – Dr. Balázsovics Ágnes
14:00-14:20   Sponsorship presentation
    Kendefi Attila: Innovative solutions for the integrative medicine
14:20-14:50    Dr. Natour Mohammad (Italy)
    Energy techniques to immediately release emotional blocks
14:50-15:10    László Szalóky
    The altered state of consciousness’ effect on the meridians and its instrumental proofing
15:10-15:25    Katalin Ritecz
    Changes in the meridians initiated by: the 3-1-2 Meridian gymnastics, a complex Senior healing gymnastics and the five Tibetan yoga.
15:25-15:40   Csaba Aranyi
    Support of Healing of Insulin Resistance with Auriculotheraphy
15:40-16:10   Coffee Break
16:10-16:25   Performance of the Toth Aladar Music School Guitar Ensemble
16:00-18:00   4th session
    Chairmen: prof. Dr. Hegyi Gabriella – Dr. Natour Mohammad
16:25-16:40   Dr. Ildikó Zarándi
    Treating infertility with Homeopathy
16:40-16:55   Dr. Mária Szilágyi
    Documented Treatment of Leaking Breasts, Glaucoma and Rheumatoid Sypthoms with Ear Acupuncture
16:55-17:15   Dr. Anikó Kárász
    Treating Addictions - and all that is beyond this scope
17:15-17:35   Dr. Balázsné Horváth
    „NADA 5 point” protocol in Human Demodex Mite’s treatment
17:50-18:08   Discussion
 19:30   Gala Dinner

Day 2.

2 april

09:00-11:00   1st session
    Chairmen: Prof Dr. Frank Bahr - Dr. Széchenyi István
09:30-10:00   Dr. István Széchenyi
    The importance of correct localisation in auricular acupuncture, or: No matter where we stick the needles and do endogenous opiates and placebo solve everything?
10:00-10:30   Prof Dr. Frank Bahr (Germany)
    Effective points for psychic disorders
10:30-11:00   Dr. Annamária Hashimné Dobrai and Dr. Mohammed Hashim
    The therapeutic role of general practice and alternativ medicine
11:00-11:30   Coffee Break
11:30-13:30   2nd session
    Chairmen: Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi - Dr. Ágnes Balázsovics
11:30-11:50   Dr. István Borbás
11:50-12:05   Dr. Ágnes Balázsovics
    Bilateral Total Ophthalmoplegia and Severe Opticus Laesio: Integrated Eastern  and Western Diagnosis and Treatment
12:05-12:25   Veronika Mádiné Horváth
    Brainstem Stroke and the Treatment of Psychological Problems by Ear Acupuncture
12:25-12:45   Dr. Varju Márta
    The effect of kinesiology corrections on the energy levels of the meridians
12:45   Closing Ceremony

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Conference Organiser: Szechenyi Health Center, H-1085 Budapest, Benczúr str.27., Hungary

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